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One of Our Success Stories

  • Meet Alex

    30-year-old software engineer in San Francisco, earning $167,000/year.

    • Assets: Inherited 3-bedroom home in Fremont ($1 million value, $4,000/month rental income).
    • Savings: $50,000 in cash and investments.
    • Goals: Maximize returns, manage cash flow, leverage tax benefits, and achieve long-term wealth.
  • Result

    9 custom investment strategy ideas that he didn't know about.

    By implementing all these strategy ideas, Alex could potentially achieve a total net annual income of $154,070.

    • 1031 Exchange: Deferring capital gains, potentially netting $136,080/year.
    • Turnkey Properties: Passive income with minimal management, $8,496/year.
    • Short-Term Rentals: Increased rental income, $36,840/year.

How It Works

  • 1

    Share Information About Your Real Estate Portfolio

    Tell us about your current investments and goals. Provide the essential details we need to tailor strategies specifically crafted for your unique financial landscape.

  • 2

    Receive Your Custom Strategy Ideas

    Uncover hidden opportunities in the real estate market. You’ll receive detailed, actionable strategy ideas that help optimize your investments and aligns with your financial goals

  • 3

    Implement Ideas that make sense for you

    Put your personalized investment plan into action. Start leveraging our insights to enhance your portfolio's performance and grow your wealth effectively. 

How we make it real

At Yomii, we've brought together a wide range of investment options in one place. With insights from over 50 industry experts and advanced AI, we personalize strategy ideas that make sense for you. 

Instead of the $2000+ fee that others like Domain Money charge, we offer similar value but in real estate for $100, allowing everyone to discover new investing strategies.

What Our Investors Say

  • I was new to investing and felt overwhelmed by the choices. Yomii’s AI-driven strategy was a game changer for me, providing clear and actionable advice. I’m more confident about my investments than ever!

    James M
  • Having invested for over a decade, I was skeptical about Yomii at first. But the personalized report I received was insightful, offering fresh strategies that even I hadn't considered. It’s an invaluable tool for anyone serious about real estate.

    Sandra K.
  • The interface is intuitive and the process is seamless. Answering the initial questions and getting my strategy was quick and easy. Yomii not only saved me money but also introduced me to profitable investment avenues. Highly recommended.

    Liam G.
  • As someone who juggles between work and home, I find Yomii's efficient strategy generation perfect for my lifestyle. It cut down the hours I used to spend researching properties and market trends. Now, I just follow the strategies suggested by their AI

    Rachel T.
  • I use Yomii to supplement my own research and provide my clients with enhanced advice. 

    Derek W.

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